In this episode, we hear from Amit Zunjarwad, Chief Product Officer at ShareChat and Moj about India’s home-grown, video-led social platform that has more than 1 million daily active users. The availability of affordable high-speed internet has encouraged the growth of video consumption in India. With that, ShareChat has positioned itself as a leading social media platform in the country that focuses on supporting video content creators and consumers. Along with short video app Moj, Amit talks about the creative economy and how content creators can drive social conversations and connect people across different parts of India, in 15 different languages. He also shares his strategy for growth, and plans that include turning Sharechat into a modern advertising platform through bite-sized content on the go. With concepts like virtual gifting where people can buy and send virtual gifts to content creators already in place, learn how the brand is boosting the Indian ecommerce industry while shaping the next generation of consumers.