In this episode, Theo speaks with ex-Googler, Dr Jiang Hong, Head of TapTap Developer Services, and Founder of LeanCloud, which was acquired by gaming company Xin Dong.

Dr Jiang shares his thoughts on the unique gaming market in China, and how Xin Dong, as the holding company of Asia’s largest game marketplace TapTap, is looking to help build a better web developer community in the industry. 

When it comes to the gaming community, understanding what players want in each market is key to growth, and Dr Jiang discusses what factors support the success of Asian games in overseas markets. He talks about Xin Dong TapTap’s vision for global expansion, as well as the misconceptions and the opportunities that lie within the gaming world.

Listen in to learn about his personal journey in the entrepreneurial world, the challenges that Xin Dong TapTap has overcome in its journey to success, and what he hopes for the future of web development and gaming.