People Analytics is about using a data-driven approach to inform your people practices, programs, and processes. Analytical techniques, ranging from reporting and metrics to predictive analytics to experimental research can help you uncover new insights, solve people problems and direct your HR actions. At Google, we use people analytics as a foundational building block that informs everything we do to find, grow and keep Googlers. When faced with a challenging people issue or an important people decision, the conventional approach is to engage in endless debate based on emotions, instincts, and anecdotes. We believe instead that an analytical approach incorporating facts and science can lead to more effective and fair solutions and decisions. In this episode of our Digital Master Class series, Chris Hood and Natalie Piucco are joined by Mary Kate Stimmler to shed light on how to begin adopting data-driven decision approaches in HR, and how Google uses People Analytics to build one of the world’s best places to work.