FinTech is a fast growing and competitive industry. To stay ahead, companies need to innovate and release new features more quickly than the competition. In this episode, Theo chats with Giovanni Sakti (Gio) and Giri Kuncoro from Indonesian financial services platform GoTo Financial, which includes the popular e-payment service GoPay. Gio and Giri discuss their commitment to improving the developer experience (DX) and how that led to the creation of their new internal developer platform. Gio explains that GoTo Financial grew rapidly in the beginning, releasing more features and hiring more people. But that velocity soon reached a plateau as developers began to work in silos, leading to fragmented decision-making. And because GoPay’s systems need to be scalable and reliable, a lot of innovation is focused on cloud-native technologies such as microservices, containers, and service meshes. But as the infrastructure became increasingly more complex, developers found themselves spending more of their time fine-tuning infrastructure instead of delivering on features. Listen to the firsthand account of how Giri’s team built their internal developer platform called to improve the developer experience using not just the four pillars of good DX, but also how empathy played a major part in improving the experience and ensuring full adoption.