In this episode, Theo speaks to Hendra Gunawan, Chief Technology Officer at My Republic, who talks us through MyRepublic’s expansion across Indonesia, in its goal to become the second biggest fiber network provider in Indonesia. 

Hendra speaks about how working with Google Cloud helps MyRepublic provide low latency, high speeds and high availability at a low price for their customers. He shares how through using the latest technology, MyRepublic is able to automate their systems and keep the business scalable, while ensuring a seamless and direct relationship between customers and technicians to help solve any issues.

Listen in as Hendra Gunawan also discusses the challenges of obtaining special permits and handling outages, as well as MyRepublic’s future goals of leveraging data to make more informed business decisions, and using AI to provide insights for personalization.

Special Guests


  • Theo Davies – Head of Cloud Sales Enablement, JAPAC – Google Cloud



  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Cloud AI