This week, we hear from Soleh Ayubi, Chief Transformation and Digital Officer at Bio Farma, one of Indonesia’s largest biotechnology companies that has been responsible for the acquisition and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines in Indonesia during the pandemic.

Bio-Farma has played a critical role over the past few years, supporting the healthcare system with 459 million vaccines, of which 300 million doses were delivered in 2021 alone. Soleh talks about the challenges of managing a safe and effective vaccine distribution system, saying that collaboration, alongside digital technology, has been key to the brand’s success. He shares how the company has enabled the delivery of quality, lifesaving vaccines to every corner of the country while ensuring that every piece is accounted for and traceable. 

Bio Farma is also in the process of implementing AI and machine learning (ML) technology to determine the optimal harvesting period for viruses and bacteria, working with scientists to accelerate research and improve the yield of its Polio, Tetanus, and Covid-19 vaccines. AI and ML will also be used for demand forecasting, so that they can improve production and distribution of products.

Looking into the future, Soleh talks about plans for Bio Farma to become the first company with an end-to-end healthcare system, consolidating its R&D centers, manufacturing and distribution companies with retail stores, clinics, even incorporating medical insurance into a single ecosystem. Tune in to listen to Soleh as he shares some first-hand insights.

Special Guest

  • Soleh Ayubi, Chief Transformation and Digital Officer