In this episode, Marcus Lopez, Senior EVP of Digital, Data and Technology for Cathay Financial Holdings, joins Jay and Theo to discuss the organization’s approach to innovation as it rethinks its services and customer journeys. As the largest financial holding company in Taiwan with about 14 million customers, Cathay operates in China and most countries in Southeast Asia. Marcus explains how a joint venture with Alibaba six years ago prompted the Cathay team into reconsidering their approach to acquiring customers, product innovation, and the technology stack. Since then, the organization has undergone a mobile-first, data driven digital transformation with the help of Google Cloud, which he believes has allowed Cathay to become a market leader in Taiwan. Marcus breaks it down for us into three pillars with Cathay’s transformation. First, improving the customer journey and experience with new products and innovations. Second, looking at long term infrastructure investment to ensure the business has the capabilities it needs three to five years from now. And third, helping people adapt to more tech- and data-driven ways of working. Cathay is also looking beyond its own operations to find ways to embed its products and services within the customer journeys of its strategic partners with an API-driven strategy, as Cathay as a Service (CaaS). Cathay has been able to scale up this ecosystem of financial services and analyst capabilities to partners by using the Google Cloud and the Apigee API Platform. Learn what were some of the challenges faced, and about Cathay’s future expansion plans through Southeast Asia, where they treat each operation as a fresh start, redesigning everything from the ground up with a cloud native, mobile first approach.