Matthew Chan, Chief Digital Officer of the Jardine Restaurant Group, joins Jay and Theo this week on the podcast. Operating KFC, Pizza Hut, and PHD branches in Hong Kong, Vietnam, and other Asia-Pacific cities, JRG has created a robust data collection and analysis system to realize their customer-centric business strategy. In 2019, Jardine Restaurant Group began a digital transformation geared toward creating the best customer experience. By leveraging new technologies, the team developed strategies like TTT. This talkability, traffic, and transactions framework identifies talking points that will encourage curiosity and start meaningful conversations, driving traffic to the site and ending with successful transactions. Through real-world examples, Matthew describes how JRG takes data from sources like Google to pinpoint customer interests. The team then actively engages with customers, gathering more data to enhance their online presence and drive traffic to their offerings. Through detailed site optimization, JRG is able to boast a double digit conversion rate from browsing to transactions. Matthew explains that staying relevant is the best way to grow and adapt with changing client needs. During the pandemic, for example, JRG launched their online ordering and delivery system, Cloud Kitchen, to provide contactless food service for employee and customer protection. Their charity kitchen initiative also grew from the needs of locked down clients with few food options. JRG provides these meals for free to strengthen the communities they serve and bring joy during hard times. In the future, Jardine Restaurant Group will continue their mission to adapt new technologies in smart ways, creating value for customers and exceeding their expectations.