Jay and Theo are back this week hosting Tony and Tars from Taiwanese company Mlytics. Mlytics strives for a faster, safer internet through cloud-disrupting solutions. Our guests talk about the origins of Mlytics, and how the company closely monitors, refines, and analyzes a plethora of data as part of their AI solution for customers. This system revolutionizes the Content Delivery Network, working faster through caching and compression and safer by protecting the networks from attack. After studying the CDN market, the CEO of Mlytics realized the powerful solutions available, while technically impressive, were not end-user friendly. With Mlytics, he sought to change the space by working backwards and beginning with a detailed picture of customer needs, then building solutions to satisfy them. Mlytics clients are provided with easy access to multiple CDNs quickly and safely to offer ultimate control and tailoring to their particular goals. By building this ecosystem of choice, Mlytics has created a one-of-a-kind brand that enables clients to choose the tools that work best for their company. With standardized CDN usage, clients know they’re using the best networks and paying for only what they use in a centralized billing platform. AI is a big part of this Mlytics Smart Load Balancer solution. Through machine learning techniques, Mlytics analyzes data to find patterns in CDN infrastructure and reactions. They’ve built in a 15 second performance prediction based on this information, allowing them to predict CDN downtime and automatically move client projects to more efficient networks when necessary. The company’s ethos of full transparency has fostered a supportive and collaborative work environment as well. Our guests offer advice for other tech companies looking to exceed customer expectations and empower employees to experiment and innovate.