This week, Theo speaks to Ashish Kumar Singh, CHRO of Meesho and our pioneer HR C-suite on the show. As India’s fastest growing internet commerce platform, Meesho is democratizing e-commerce and bringing innovation online. With the Meesho marketplace supporting small businesses, individual entrepreneurs and everything in between, Ashish touches on their “users-first mantra,” which not only refers to customers, but also Meesho’s own employees. When the pandemic hit, it not only affected demand on Meesho’s platform, but also impacted ways of working. One main area of focus was brought to light – the challenge of achieving work-life balance. As CHRO, Ashish shares unique, first hand insights on how the company leverages technology such as MeeBOT for pulse collection, and to measure the employee experience, looking for areas of improvement. He also covers the importance of ensuring transparent communication and collaboration. From tips on enabling a remote workforce to leveraging tools like Google Meet, listen in as Ashish discusses future-of-work models, the implications of technology on our everyday lives and how Meesho has stayed at the forefront of reimagining new ways of work.