David Lynch, Group CTO from bolttech, joins the show with Jay to talk about how insurtechs of today are emerging from the convergence of technology and insurance. As the world’s largest technology-enabled ecosystem for protection insurance and the most international insurtech, bolttech operates in over 30 markets. 

The business works collaboratively with 180+ insurance carriers on its platform that need access to technology, advocating the need for insurance companies that implement AI and machine learning, to augment their services to deliver better products and protection outcomes.

David also discusses trends such as the shift towards usage-based insurance and the consequent need for the industry to invent new products, with insurtechs fuelling the acceleration of product innovation. At the same time, the fully digital insurance purchase journey is becoming a reality in the embedded insurance or microinsurance areas. He shares insights on finding a balance between supply and demand, as well as achieving growth in the marketplace. 

From key factors that affect customer acquisition, to new revenue generation opportunities, tune in to find out more about bolttech’s research on what is needed to build a successful, future-ready marketplace.