In this episode, we speak to Pak Kaspar, CEO of Bank Raya, and Pak Gibbon, EVP of Technology System Information, Bank Raya, who share in more detail how Bank Raya is disrupting themselves first internally, to meet the challenges of tomorrow. As one of the largest and most distributed banks in Southeast Asia, Bank Raya (previously known as Bank Rakyat Indonesia Agroniaga (AGRO)) has been on a digital and cultural transformation journey since 2016. Working closely with Google Cloud, the bank has managed to modernize their infrastructure to increase security and scalability, helping them enable the capabilities to build out a digital bank. Pak Kaspar talks about ‘Super Raya’ and how the bank has two main goals – the first is to capture new types of customers, and the second is to create tailored products for specific problem solving. It is looking to push innovation forwards within their product development, with eyes on the metaverse future. Bank Raya has been investing in their people for many years, ensuring that they have the right talent in place to help scale up at speed. By putting people and security first, with the best practices in place, they stay true to their PPT core – people, process and technology. With strong foundations already in place, Bank Raya is able to customise parts of the business with new applications and offerings, to meet the changing demands of customers.