In this episode, Jay and Theo are joined by Manav Doshi, GM of Technology Solutions and Keith Junius, Enterprise Architect, both of Equifax Australia, to talk about the organization’s ambitious cloud transformation. As a global credit bureau and data analytics company, Equifax is helping financial institutions, companies, and government agencies make critical financial decisions. In 2017, a critical event triggered a complete rethink of its security in all 24 locations. Equifax Australia embarked on a AUD2 billion journey with Google Cloud to migrate 100% of its key platforms and credit bureaus into the cloud. Manav shares how, prior to 2017, Equifax AU had previously believed its data was safer in private data centers. However, maintaining a high level of security requires a lot of investment. Equifax AU realized that the maturity of cloud platforms, particularly Google Cloud, has progressed beyond what it could achieve on prem. The cloud allows Equifax AU to respond far more nimbly to critical security events, with much of the security work taken care of by the platform. Meanwhile, by adopting a CI/CD methodology the company can roll out security changes and new features quickly and iteratively with push-button deployment. Improvements to a product can now be made and deployed within minutes. Keith ends with how Equifax AU is treating the move as a global business transformation, pairing technology with the right human skills. Equifax wants its people to be curious enough to seek out and play with new things, focussing on a growth mindset and a passion to learn, along with a willingness to collaborate.