In this episode, Jay and Theo chat with Arjun Gupta, Senior Software Engineer at Josh Talks, to learn about the company’s mission to empower the youth of India, with relatable role models and e-learning. The media platform targets young people in smaller towns across India with content in ten vernacular languages. Arjun likens Josh Talks to an elder brother, guiding users through critical life decisions and mentoring them to improve their lives. Josh Talk’s ten YouTube channels currently have 14 million subscribers, with videos garnering about 70 million views each month. The success of Josh Talks led to the launch of an e-learning application, Josh Skills, to upskill young people and better-equip them to find employment. The flagship course is Spoken English, as this remains a common reason employers reject job applicants. A popular feature of Josh Skills is P2P, a peer to peer service allowing users to click a button to talk to friends within the Josh community, practicing their spoken English skills. To improve completion rates, Arjun shares how his team is currently working on ways to gamify the learning process, with subscribers competing in trivia contests to climb the leaderboard. But interactive features like this don’t come without technical challenges, which is where Google Cloud can help. To make game play within the app as real-time as possible, Josh Talks will scale its servers to handle the increased load with minimum latency. Josh Talks long-term vision is to support subscribers from school age (14-15) until they are settled into their careers (30-35), which is why Josh Talks is building an infrastructure capable of supporting multiple tools and products so it can grow alongside them.