Zebra Technologies is one of the largest suppliers of barcode printing and scanning devices globally. In 1991, Zebra introduced 2D barcode scanners followed by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking tags, rugged mobile computers, tablets, and wearable devices for increased inventory and asset visibility. Lately, it’s been acquiring companies in software, robotics, AI, data capture, and real-time location systems, all to help it transform from a traditional hardware-centric company to a software solutions organization to realize a vision it calls enterprise asset intelligence (EAI) at the edge. Today, Zebra has customers in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, transportation, logistics, and the public sector, with over 10,000 partners across 100 countries. In today’s episode, Chris Hood sits down with Janet Kennedy, Vice President, North America Regions at Google Cloud, and Tom Bianculli, SVP and CTO at Zebra Technologies, to go behind the scenes of this Transformation Debrief conversation to learn how Zebra Technologies has navigated these changes.